Saturday, 30 April 2016

April releases 1.1 and 1.0

UPDATE: v1.1b posted with bugfixes for recent small bugs
- Android grey box
- To frequent dream scenes
- Disabled variety for male bodies
- etc

Now it's time for 1.0 version to become public.
Play section updated. Changelog is here.

1.1 Patreon release is out!

  • New female body types. "Normal", "Big" and "Sporty" at your disposal. Now all new girls you met can have a different body build, unless you turned off it in the options menu. We added that option for male bodies as well. Of course you can select it while generating a new character.
  • New Alice and Julia event. Be sure to gain max relationship with them first. Also we removed date restrictions for Christmas dream event.
  • Added notification when your game saves successfully or not.
  • Upgraded cheat/development mode. Now you can select and repeat game events. The game will temporary disable further saves to avoid ruining the natural course of events.
  • Now your crewmembers receive exp daily just working in Reception, Maid's and Security rooms. 
  • New character request quest. Speak to Hitomi one more time to get another travel/hunt.
  • Finally we chased and put down that nasty bug with Android hangs and moans. 
  • Plus fixed a lot of smaller bugs, including Alice dating and stuff.
  • We made some changes to make the game better to different devices screen size.

We realized that we slowed down with main game course and mechanics pursuing fan-fiction/events things. So we are changing our focus, plus there will be a different topic for voting poll this time "Condom question".

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Countdown to 1.1 version

As always we are posting new Patreon release 1.1
And previous version 1.0 will become public.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Saturday, 9 April 2016

1.0a Translation update


  • Weird dildo scenes metamorphoses fixed
  • Oyko mystery room returning scene fixed
  • Oyko starting SP points fixed
  • Bunch of lesser bugs fixed.
Added dating system for Alice in v1.0a. Now she has new parameter Affinity that shows how much she likes you. We want to spread it to all your crewmembers and make a related game mechanic on it in the future. Select flirt dialog after you summoned her to set up a date. You'll need to go through several dates to unlock all stuff.

Those hangs are still may be around. If you experienced them - just mute the sound in the game settings. It's a workout for now while we are trying to solve the SDK puzzle to make it work proper again.