Tuesday, 1 November 2016

October releases 1.6 and 1.7

As always at the end of the month previous version 1.6 has become public. Changelog is here

UPD: Mac version will be available a bit later, our Mac is still in repair service.
BTW, we found a fix for Sierra OS, so it should word just fine.

Patreon version 1.7 Changelog:

  • Refactored all existing animations to fix gaps and other issues. Added missing cum animations. Some of them cover a few similar poses animations. But if you want a separate set for a certain animation, post a screenshot here.
  • Added new animations for bedroom and related rooms, doggiestyle and from behind.
  • New side event for Hitomi (maintenance event). Available for MC and FC. Took us a while, made a lot specific animations for it, but we love it. Actually we come to point that we should make Hitomi more useful for brothel with her unlimited stamina, but not spoiling the whole stamina economy. So there will be next part for it, we'll announce a bit later.
  • Added 'asshole skin' part, so now anal animations will be more obvious. (You'll get it when you see it) We know about 'show us their pussies' request, and working on solution.
  • Added black suit costume for males and females you may saw on the teaser earlier. Along with Halloween costumes.
  • New Helloween event starts in 17 game day (or later if your save has a later date). Also Available for MC and FC. You'll be able to bought  costumes only on that day. Be sure to dress up at least two girls before the evening part.
  • Added new music themes for photoshooting, Alice and Julia dates.
  • Fixed photo saving issues. Now cum and face expressions save correctly.
  • Now store shows only items for males or females correspondingly.