Monday, 28 September 2015

v0.3 and 0.4 releases

Version 0.3 has become public!
Here is change log and we updated Play section of the site.


  • We added multi-language support. German and Russian translations are available. Check options menu in the game. Say thanks to our translators!
  • We got rid of 'Scale' option. Now game can adjust it's elements to different screen resolutions. Try fullscreen mode now.
  • Due to previous point we launched ANDROID version of the game. Find it in the download section.
  • New levelup UI.
  • A lot of grammar correction. (SilentSlayer771 please contact us to

Version 0.4 Patreon release
List of changes:

  • Outfit shop. Now you can buy outfits for your employees. Some RPG element involved - items give benefits to wearer's stats. Altered stats are highlighted. Also you can use wardrobe in your 'staff' management to dress up your girls. Notice they can share a lot of man but they won't share their dresses. One time items/drugs are next.
  • Save option. Three slots for saving. Automatic save at the end of the day. Most requested feature on the go. Easy to describe but so much work behind it. We are glad we completed item system beforehand.
  • New 'static' char. Say hi to 'Julia'. Check her special hiring event.
  • Some new bedroom sex animations. 
  • Next button for bedroom scenes. (You don't need to return to the Reception to peek on multiple occupied rooms)
And a lot of minor bugfixes, including wrong MC portrait.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

German translation

With the help of enthusiastic translator we are going to add German translation to the game.
Shipping with the next public release (end of September).