Saturday, 29 August 2015

Patreon release v0.3

Only half of the month passed since our first game demo upload. And now version v0.3 released!

It's a Patreon release that will become public at the end of September.

List of changes:

  • Now you can summon your employees to your cabinet. There you can talk to them (to know their mood and demands),  'check their skills on practice' with some interactivity or just fire them (Beware of tsundere trait).
  • Added 'Evening event' system. Every time at the end of the day there is a chance that one of your employees may visit you for their own purposes. There is a staged animation chain involved. (And we are going to add more events here)
  • Expanded battle system. We rebalanced strength of hits/hp. Now you have special moves that cost stamina to use. Characters now able to receive battle status effects. Hover mouse pointer on them in game to see their description. We added battle log where you can see previous moves of enemies and your characters. And enemies know how to use abilities too! (Though their AI not very smart right now) There are two ways to overcome an enemy now - physical attacks or lust moves. And you'll receive better battle reward for every unconscious enemy. Later we are going to use it as a basis for capturing system. 
  • Tsugs in the slums are now scaling to number of spent ingame days and your reputation. Rewards for them are also scaling with their level.
  • New sex scenes animations. We changed our plan to make 'Loans' system soon to make more prioritized new animations. Actually we could made just a simple option for show. But it will be better to make it complete and usable first. With all 'collector's raids' and quest to please bank workers to receive new loan with hero's bad credit history.
  • New 'portrait' character icons
Minor changes and fixes:
  • Fixed bug with account option. Now maintenance numbers are correct.
  • 'skill' stat now lowers stamina consumption as declared.
  • Added 'quick access' buttons to home plan for 'sleep', 'staff' and 'reception'
  • Moved ‘sleep’ button aside to avoid accidental clicks.
  • Added confirmation for 'fire' option
  • Now you are receiving EXP from lower-level characters with penalties instead of just zero
  • Added numeral counters for hp/st bars in the battle screen.


  1. When is the new version going to be posted?

    1. In the end of September 2015 I suppose. We'll make an announcement of public release here in the devblog.
      It's only the first time when there is a bigger pause between public releases, connected to patreon release now. In the future they are going to be posted on a monthly basis falling behind patreon releases.

  2. The new features are looking great, keep up the good work. The new battle system it a huge improvement over what we had in the previous version of the game and I love the sex battle aspect. It does seem to have occasional bugs where the characters are drawn in the wrong order (2 appears above 3) and sometimes status effects on enemies persist into the next battle. But I do like the variety of moves and the general flow it it; are those moves based on character class or dignity by the way? I noticed that Alice had a healing move but no tease or lust, so would that change if her dignity became lower? And for moves like tease do you think it might be possible to include a success rate % tooltip? It's currently a hit or miss sort of thing, and I think it will be a lot more intuitive to use if it gives the player some sort of feedback besides that. The other thing about battles is that they can be kind of hard to get into, the thug encounter isn't all too common. Maybe the slums could have a couple events for you to choose from for every 2 hour walk instead of just the one?

    Employee events are a really cool addition, but since they happen at the end of the day you generally won't have the stamina to participate in them. Right now you need to save up half your stamina bar just in case you get an event, so maybe sex should be rebalanced to drain more time but either less or no stamina? I know that the game is currently balanced around the idea of juggling stamina bars for both yourself and the girls, but going into an event and discovering halfway through that you can't do it because you used your stamina elsewhere feels kind of lame. But besides the stamina issues I do think that the events that where added in this version add a lot of personality to the game.

    At what point do you think you'll add the ability to degrade a girl's dignity? That's probably the feature I'm looking forward to the most. Currently you end up with a stronghold full of whores and thugs, and maybe even a few whore-thugs. It could however be neat to be able to hire and corrupt ordinary people, so a girl may start off as a maid, a nurse or even a princess that needs to be "trained" to become one of your minions.

    Thanks for all the work you guys are doing, I'm looking forward to the next release.

    1. Thanks!
      Quick fix ready and uploaded.
      We are going to make some progression of abilities and bond them to classes and levelups. And some of them will be available for all classes if you meet requirements for dignity/etc. Basically you'll be able to get 'lust' moves for Alice when her dignity is low enough.
      That's a good idea to add % rate of success tooltip for abilities. We'll add it.
      About tsug encounter. There will be more such things, including 'collectors raids' and random events with battles.

      Employee events. We are testing here new mechanic that allows to overuse your stamina for sex that leads to fade out and instant 'end of the day'.
      I've heard your thoughts. We'll think how to make it right.

      Dignity. Yes, we also are looking forward to make ability to spoil 'common' people, like nurses and princess. However some basic things aren't ready yet, like outfit changing/ saving the game/ cumshots.

      We are glad that you liked new changes. Thanks for your support and ideas!

    2. Sounds like pretty much everything I was hoping for is already in the works. The fade out at negative stamina actually sounds like a really good way of solving the employee event issue, although you'll probably want to display the stamina costs and remaining stamina as numbers somewhere on the screen so players know if they're suiciding themselves to watch an event. Thanks for the quick reply, I'm looking forward to the next Patreon release.