Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May releases 1.1 and 1.2

Simbro 1.1 has become public. Check 'Play the latest version to get it. Changlog is here.

Updated: 1.2b minor bugfix posted. Fixed:
- sleeping in the showers
- random clothes change during threesome
- strapon animations
- gloryhole no stamina check

Updated: 1.2a minor bugfix posted. Loan payment doesn't distract from the whole debt fixed. Plus few lesser bugs, including getting payment from 'talk his ears off' option.

Simbro 1.2 Patreon update posted.

  • A big location added - Bank. We created 3 new backgrounds for places inside the bank itself. You'll find new characters there, Secretary Eva and loan manager Claus. They are providing you with some services - pay for your debt upfront (and get a delay for thugs visit), or get a new loan (that can help to grow your brothel bigger earlier in the game). Of course it's not so easy to convince them.
  • Lewd actions towards loan manager. You can try to bribe or seduce him (if you are playing as a female character), or bring your girl to do this work.
  • Are we able to hire Eva? Yes, there is a special story to do so.
  • New rare trait available - Nympho. Girl won't suffer any mood penalties after sex.
  • Now you can enter Mystery room in female play. For now there is working authorization event with her.
  • After authorization Hitomi can upgrade your dildo to strapon. So you can use it on her and your crew girls.
  • We added a lot of new unique animations along with all bank and female play options. We are going to bring them to 'generic' situations. We need to settle upgradable furniture system first, because some of new animations require a specific furniture to work.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Countdown to 1.2 version

Version 1.1 is about to become public and we are going to post 1.2 Patreon update.

Countdown Clock

Friday, 13 May 2016

April translation update

UPD: 1.1d version uploaded. Fixed that bug with missing scenes. (New system required some code cleaning)

1.1c update posted for the newest version.

- Translation files updated. (Thanks to all translators!)
- A lot of typos corrected for English version (Thanks to FruitSmootie for a detailed analysis)
- Fixed a lot of lesser bugs (Thanks to Tersol and others who reported) Including Korra suit for different body types and Yoko's dignity after you capture her.

Seems like we finally have found what caused those annoying crushes, and fixed it.
Also we improved memory usage of the app. Now all animations are reusable and stored in a special pool. Formerly we created and cleared animations after each scene. Our new way to deal with animations should be more reliable in a long play.
Let us know how it works on your device.