Sunday, 27 December 2015

v0.6 and v0.7 releases

Happy holidays, everyone!
We saw the tension and excitement in the comments before the release. Sorry to keep you waiting!

We made the next update, so here is v0.6 which became public.

! Hotfix v0.7b :

  • Got rid of holding cell and battle ending problems.
  • Fixed dialog glitches
  • Got rid of 'lazy' slaves notification.
  • Enemies use charm before lust.

v0.7 changelog:

  • Expand your brothel. Now with the first upgrade from Alice you'll have access to the basement, to build there rooms. We decided to make in unavailable for bedrooms (service providing in a cellar?) but you can build there holding cells. What is that mystery room in the basement? We have plans for it, and just want to make future saves compatible. So it's just occupying a slot for now, so you can't build your room on top of it.
  • Female enemies. Thugs can bring their chicks in the battle. They can use the same abilities you have. And you can capture them, and have some fun. Butt beware! Enemy thugs can have some fun with your girls if you lose.
  • Captured females. We are carefully approaching this gameplay aspect. We want to make you able to sell their services to the client. But we don't want to make them OP, because they don't need to pay them salary. So it's a good call for the future.
  • New staff panel. Now you can see basic parameters of your crew when you are assigning them from the stage plan. You can just press and drag a member from this new panel to assign her/him. Due to base expansion, now you can have more people in your disposal. This new staff panel is to rescue to handle new capacity.
  • Added shortcuts for dialog selection. You can use '1', '2' and '3' from your keyboard to quickly navigate through dialog options.
  • New Julia scene. She has to earn some money providing services first.
  • Your girls and Alice in the game will try to say some grateful words. This event can occur only in Dec and Jan.
  • A lot of lil bugfixes. Most of it concerning female play. Now she is not dropped from the party if she is lazy in the morning.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

New staff screen

We prepared new additional staff screen for stage plan, so you can assign crew members when you are assigning crew members =P
You'll be able to drag a portrait from this panel to a designed room.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

v0.6d Translation update

v0.6d uploaded, with up to date translation for these languages:

  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Spanish
  • Polish
Big thanks to our translators!

Monday, 30 November 2015

v0.5 and v0.6 releases

v0.5 release became public. Release notes are here in the older posts.
Find the version in the 'Play SimBro latest build' at the top of the page.

v0.6 November Patreon release is out!

EDIT: v0.6c hotfix

  • Some dialogs stuck fixed
  • Frequency of thug raids fixed (they don't have to be so often)
  • Some changes for prices and balance
  • Fixed female play animations issue
  • Added auto 'dayoff' during raids, if you don't have a receptionist


  • Police raids. Now you can encounter police if your reputation if high enough. This event triggers the ability to upgrade your brothel to give it more cover agains it's notoriety. Talk to Alice about that.
  • Reception girl position. When you brothel is upgraded, you can assign a girl to the reception desk. She automatically deals with client while you are away, but she stepping aside if you are in the reception when client arrives. So you can manually setup offers if you want. Also you can speak to her to adjust working hours of the brothel and cash bonus for girls.
  • Day off option. Now you can 'close' your brothel for a day if you feel you can't cover daily demand. You won't get any client this day but a small reputation drop.
  • Reception background. New picture we shown in the previous post. 
  • Collectors raids. Someone remember your debt and demanding payments. It's time to hire some thugs and form a party to protect your home.
  • Thugs dialogs. Now you can summon them for a conversation. They can dream about one of your girls or you can give them a 'head' if you are playing as a female character.
  • Special characters dialogs. Also you can summon Alice and Julia. There is some naughty stuff you can do to them. (Am I able to lower her dignity more? - Yes)
  • New stat caps. We are trying to approach some balance with stats and parameters. Now you can gain only 3 HP or ST for levelup point. Stats are limited for 25 points max. You can see through hints the grade of your stat from 'poor' to 'superior'. You can get above 25 only by using items now.
  • New interactions for female main character. Now you can see parameters of the girls in the slums and have some fun with your crew members. We added some lesbo scene. But not enough. We are going to add weapon/items equip first. (If you can name dildo a weapon. Hey! Dildo sword!) Because we need them for a lot of scenes.
  • Added wet thrust and cum sounds.
  • Fixed positions and sizes of male heads. Hope now they won't be that 'creepy'.
  • Fixed some clipping issues in animations
  • And new sex animations of course!
We know we talked about female enemies a lot. There is a big chunk of work for them, including capturing (and all related things, like selling and having fun with them), new stage for a brothel (basement), weapon/item equip for F-F interactions.
So we keep working on it for the next (December) release.

Additionally there are three new translation languages in both versions:

  • Hungarian
  • Spanish
  • Polish
Big thanks to all our translators!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Police uniform

Check new uniform for cops that are going to visit our sweet brothel with some police raids.
Also we adjusted male heads to sit more natural on their necks.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Room Backgrounds

There is a new look for the reception room.

You guessed it right, we are preparing 'reception girl' position.

And here is hero cabinet background, already used in 0.5 version.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Language update and small bug fixes

We've updated the game to v0.4f and v0.5c versions.

- German translation was updated
- Italian translation was updated

- Purchase bug fixed.
- Reputation gain for female character fixed.
- New dev (cheat) code options added.

EDIT: v0.4g and v0.5d posted.

- Notification of reputation changes for female character fixed
- Some grammar corrections (Antoine, thanks!)
- Fixed some issues for playing the game through browser.
- Fixed female starting dignity, so now you can make special attacks in battle.

Friday, 30 October 2015

v0.4 and v0.5 releases

As always at the end of the month we have two releases. One to become public and new Patreon one.

v0.4 public release - Changelog is here
Play section of the site is updated.

v0.5 Changelog:

  • Cumshots animations. They are finally here. You can use them in your controlled sex scenes, and we added 'Cum' button for the bedroom Peek scenes. Cum scene is dependent on the previous sex scene. And there are several layers for jizz, which stayed on the girl while you are switching poses.
  • Upgraded undressing sequence. You can undress top/pants/panties in any order.
  • Male faces variety. Now we have 5 new faces with different hairstyles for males. You can use them in the character generation. Also they are applied to the brothel clients with random skin colors.
  • Background music and moans. There are themes for different locations. They are really cool and neat. Mr. L - you are the coolest man we've ever known! Although we added separate volume and mute options for both music and moans. So you can tune your settings to get 'safe for work' version. Don't forget to check game options.
  • Background scene image. We had so much struggle with our artist to select the right theme for the game backgrounds. At the end we changed everything, we ruined our deadlines on it, to make it vector and futuristic and fit the characters drawing style. So check the hero cabinet to see how it looks like.
  • Gender selection of the main character. Now you can pick out male of female hero. She is also obsessed with 'build a finest brothel' idea. But temporary some options are blocked for her, like bar and escort missions. (Because we haven't implemented them yet) In the other hand you can serve your clients in your cabinet by yourself and you have some tricks to do with your clients.
  • fixed Nova head
  • fixed visitor character pose
  • some user interface issues
  • fixed double levelup issue

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Panty And Stocking

New undressing sequence. Now pants, boots, stockings and panties are separate parts.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

New Ugly Male Faces

We prepared a bunch of new faces for male characters variety. Who said that every brothel visitor should be a pretty boy?

Friday, 16 October 2015


With an enormous help from a contributory composer and a really good man Mr. L we were able to add background game music and moans to the sex scenes. Shipping with the next update.

The other big thing to expect is new background images and male faces that our artist is preparing.

Our very next news stop will be cumshots and related animations.

Monday, 28 September 2015

v0.3 and 0.4 releases

Version 0.3 has become public!
Here is change log and we updated Play section of the site.


  • We added multi-language support. German and Russian translations are available. Check options menu in the game. Say thanks to our translators!
  • We got rid of 'Scale' option. Now game can adjust it's elements to different screen resolutions. Try fullscreen mode now.
  • Due to previous point we launched ANDROID version of the game. Find it in the download section.
  • New levelup UI.
  • A lot of grammar correction. (SilentSlayer771 please contact us to

Version 0.4 Patreon release
List of changes:

  • Outfit shop. Now you can buy outfits for your employees. Some RPG element involved - items give benefits to wearer's stats. Altered stats are highlighted. Also you can use wardrobe in your 'staff' management to dress up your girls. Notice they can share a lot of man but they won't share their dresses. One time items/drugs are next.
  • Save option. Three slots for saving. Automatic save at the end of the day. Most requested feature on the go. Easy to describe but so much work behind it. We are glad we completed item system beforehand.
  • New 'static' char. Say hi to 'Julia'. Check her special hiring event.
  • Some new bedroom sex animations. 
  • Next button for bedroom scenes. (You don't need to return to the Reception to peek on multiple occupied rooms)
And a lot of minor bugfixes, including wrong MC portrait.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

German translation

With the help of enthusiastic translator we are going to add German translation to the game.
Shipping with the next public release (end of September).

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Patreon release v0.3

Only half of the month passed since our first game demo upload. And now version v0.3 released!

It's a Patreon release that will become public at the end of September.

List of changes:

  • Now you can summon your employees to your cabinet. There you can talk to them (to know their mood and demands),  'check their skills on practice' with some interactivity or just fire them (Beware of tsundere trait).
  • Added 'Evening event' system. Every time at the end of the day there is a chance that one of your employees may visit you for their own purposes. There is a staged animation chain involved. (And we are going to add more events here)
  • Expanded battle system. We rebalanced strength of hits/hp. Now you have special moves that cost stamina to use. Characters now able to receive battle status effects. Hover mouse pointer on them in game to see their description. We added battle log where you can see previous moves of enemies and your characters. And enemies know how to use abilities too! (Though their AI not very smart right now) There are two ways to overcome an enemy now - physical attacks or lust moves. And you'll receive better battle reward for every unconscious enemy. Later we are going to use it as a basis for capturing system. 
  • Tsugs in the slums are now scaling to number of spent ingame days and your reputation. Rewards for them are also scaling with their level.
  • New sex scenes animations. We changed our plan to make 'Loans' system soon to make more prioritized new animations. Actually we could made just a simple option for show. But it will be better to make it complete and usable first. With all 'collector's raids' and quest to please bank workers to receive new loan with hero's bad credit history.
  • New 'portrait' character icons
Minor changes and fixes:
  • Fixed bug with account option. Now maintenance numbers are correct.
  • 'skill' stat now lowers stamina consumption as declared.
  • Added 'quick access' buttons to home plan for 'sleep', 'staff' and 'reception'
  • Moved ‘sleep’ button aside to avoid accidental clicks.
  • Added confirmation for 'fire' option
  • Now you are receiving EXP from lower-level characters with penalties instead of just zero
  • Added numeral counters for hp/st bars in the battle screen.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Android poll results

A while ago we made voting poll Do you want SimBro App on Android?
According to results a lot of people like the idea, or at least curious to try.

Do you want SimBro App on Android?

And we think that ability to adapt and fit to different screen resolutions and proportions will benefit desktop version of the game as well. So it can be played fullscreen without image stretching.

As the result - there will be Android App version of the game. It's not the top priority right now, we still have a work to be done with gameplay mechanic and game content. There will be announcement in the blog when Android App version is ready.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

New employee icons

Quick peek on a new feature. 
Portrait icons for employes, just to make it easier to find certain character.
Shipping with the next update.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

v0.22 and v0.23 Minor bugfix

While we are making announced update just a few quick improvements to make player's life easier.

  • Added difficulty settings to options menu (Only changes rate of prices and revenue for now) 
  • Added tutorial hints. They will alert about low reputation, lack of necessary rooms, etc. Can be turned off in options menu. 
  • Added explanation popups for various info in character sheets and offer panel. Just hold your mouse pointer for a second, or press '?' button to make them appear immediately. 
  • Temporary added simple 'Fire' options for your crew members. (There will be more interact options in the next big update, as was mentioned earlier) 
  • Added option to 'recycle' rooms.
  • Fixed client spawn. Now you always have a chance to have at least one, even with low reputation. 
  • Exp is carried over after levelup. 
  • Fixed some small bugs submitted by players.
Check it in the play tab on the top of the page.

Pursuing some bug with 'Fire' option v0.23 hotfix version released!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

SimBro on Android?

The question is - do you want us to make Android app version of SimBro game? It will be still free. It will be in a form of app. So you won't need to settle things like browser with flash support. And you'll be able to simply download  and launch the game on your favorite tablet in fullscreen mode.

And, of course, browser and standalone versions will still be around.

According to statistics most of our visitors are using Windows. But it doesn't mean you don't have an Android tablet or phone as well.

To make a quality port we have to teach the game to adjust it's screen size to different resolutions. Not just to stretch the whole image and get disproportion. But to rearrange elements on the fly. It's a part of work that becomes harder and harder while project is expanding with new features. So it's better to complete it in the very start. So what do you think?

Do you want SimBro App on Android?

Thanks for everyone who voted. Conclusions are here - Android poll results

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Nearest Plans

Things, we are looking to implement in the next game update:

  • Enhance battle system. New fight moves et cetera.
  • Get Bank and loans system working. Followed by a quest to get a loan. Followed by working quest journal system.
  • Option to summon your crew members to the hero apartments and interact with them (fire, adjust salary, common talk, maybe a quest giving in the future?) As 'fire option' was the most requested one.
When it comes out?
At the end of this month. We hope.

Friday, 14 August 2015

v0.21 Minor bugfix

Little update to make a quick response to forum questions asked here
You can always find this link in the upper line of this blog.

- Added scale selection to the 'options' menu. Try it if while being in fullscreen mode any element doesn't fit to the screen.
- Fixed 'dead' characters glitch. Now HP properly resets after battle.
- Added 'Skip' option to the first long dialog (While the saving system isn't ready yet)
- Increased profit made by girls and rate of exp gain

The last public playable version can be always found here Play SimBro Latest build in the upper line of this blog.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Alpha 0.2 version is coming.

  • Main character creation and intro story
  • Home plan and basic rooms building
  • Common recruit and fight events at Bar and Slums
  • Assigning staff to a work rooms or party members
  • Reception routine with clients. (with 'Peek' button of course)
Whole list of wished things is too big, hope we can manage to bring it all together.
Short version of nearest things to implement will be ready in a few days.