Wednesday, 19 August 2015

v0.22 and v0.23 Minor bugfix

While we are making announced update just a few quick improvements to make player's life easier.

  • Added difficulty settings to options menu (Only changes rate of prices and revenue for now) 
  • Added tutorial hints. They will alert about low reputation, lack of necessary rooms, etc. Can be turned off in options menu. 
  • Added explanation popups for various info in character sheets and offer panel. Just hold your mouse pointer for a second, or press '?' button to make them appear immediately. 
  • Temporary added simple 'Fire' options for your crew members. (There will be more interact options in the next big update, as was mentioned earlier) 
  • Added option to 'recycle' rooms.
  • Fixed client spawn. Now you always have a chance to have at least one, even with low reputation. 
  • Exp is carried over after levelup. 
  • Fixed some small bugs submitted by players.
Check it in the play tab on the top of the page.

Pursuing some bug with 'Fire' option v0.23 hotfix version released!

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