Thursday, 30 June 2016

June releases 1.2 and 1.3

As always at the end of the month previous version 1.2 has become public.
Changelog is here.

Update: 1.3a minor bugfix
- fixed male body colours
- fixed losing to collectors scene

And we posted new Patreon version 1.3:

  • Playing as female you can deal with collectors using your charm (and special service) (try double options)
  • New gloryhole options (Double clients for female, you can join the party as a male)
  • Now you can meet Alice in the glory hole room, if she isn't busy at any other room (repeatable)
  • Visit the Bar as male and female (drink alkohol to restore ST or talk her to show boobs)
  • Barmaid can give you escort requests you can send your girls to work on (we are going to add personal escort quest for female main character)
  • Next Alice date scene after you catch her in the GH room
  • Now you can build an additional floor.
  • Changed debug options, to alter voice and eye colour
  • Now you can summon anyone just drag n drop them to your cabinet.
  • On level 3 your girls whores obtain a nickname (you can change and type yours at the staff panel)
  • Added new cheat for 100% security
  • New female voices added
  • A lot of bugs fixed, big thanks to DragonFire, Apocrypha, Fero

What about 'Condom question' fetish we voted?
We are going to add Hospital and features for fetish along with basic options for it even if you turned fetish off.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Countdown to 1.3 version

As usual we are posting a new Patreon version (1.3) at the end of the month and the previous one (1.2) becomes public.

Countdown Clock