Thursday, 23 June 2016

Countdown to 1.3 version

As usual we are posting a new Patreon version (1.3) at the end of the month and the previous one (1.2) becomes public.

Countdown Clock


  1. Nice , can't wait to see what's new this month
    I loved the bank and Hitomi additions , last month very nice work

  2. what i posted about 1.2 you may not have seen

    I loved the the bank and Hitomi additions

    one typo i noticed in the ,loan office shes says look clother , it should be look closer

    Ideas :
    Room for expansion after a certain point in game you run out of rooms , so the next step would be buying a new building or adding on to your existing one

    this opens up the town area to include a city hall for planning and zoning (you know they will want a bride to approve the project

    then there is the construction crew that will have to be kept happy during construction (including a job foreman that could use some motivation )

    of course the raises the interest of the police ( leading to bribes or leading to stings and having to bail out your girls )

    and you may have to take out another loan ( to get more liquid assets )

    people were talking the pregnancy angle and there is a vote on it

    well guys if you do the pregnancy angle it depends on how far you take it ,

    1. the girls that are pregnant are going to have reduced stamina and mood swings leading to them working less

    2 . You will need a doctor to give the girls check-ups

    3 . maternity leave

    4 . you know they will want a raise to help pay for daycare etc (unless you are doing the whole black market baby selling thing and YUCK )

    5 some girls will out right Quit to take care of their child ,aka I don't want him to know what mommy does for a living

    6. if you are bringing in condoms are you bringing in diseases too (because once again YUCK)


    on another note you should add a button to demand some of these girls take a shower

    like umm Carla your pussy is starting to smell like a carp rotting on the dock , you know we have a shower right ?

    the game is progressing great , i look forward to seeing what you come up with next .

    Keep up the good work

    1. Yes to that expecially the shower thing noticed u only find the same 3 or 4 girls in the shower
      I would like option to have more floors U cant build bedrooms in the basement (lol a motel with 1 floor)

    2. Yes according to Alice it was once a Famous hotel , that means there has to be more levels to it
      other wise it was just a boarding house lol

    3. Good idea. Add to the game "demand a shower option". But add new floor is rather bad option. Because of lost your interest of your employees. If you have too many girls you lost interest of every one. But new floor is good idea if it be a place for entertainment or extra activities like movie production or vip room. Maybee disco.

    4. Good idea. Add to the game "demand a shower option". But add new floor is rather bad option. Because of lost your interest of your employees. If you have too many girls you lost interest of every one. But new floor is good idea if it be a place for entertainment or extra activities like movie production or vip room. Maybee disco.

    5. Good ideas Candice, I see a lot of good coming to the game and well ideas from players help!

    6. little constructive criticism (sopel3pl)i like the idea for more intertainment on 2nd floor but make it able to add more bedrooms if player wantsi know one of my saves i have all the first floor spots filled with bedrooms etc, i still get disapointed customers, i love the idea of bribes to city hall, maybe have the mayor come as a night event ask for a girl to relax, if u are playing FC give the option to offer herself or the girl he asks for, like if u summon a thug

  3. Buen Juego :D, espero que este juego llegue bastante lejos, Me encanta el juego y espero que la historia, personajes, escenarios los elaboren como están haciendo ^-^
    Gracias por este juego ^-^ y Suerte!

  4. I'm really exited with this update
    some ideas to the game

    -man's whore (ugly woman need sex too)
    -outfit for mans
    -more places to put things
    -more positions in sex
    -more locations like pharmaci(sell drugs shrink or grow the penis or boobs), other brothels (can fuck with girls and mens, entice girls to your brothel and you have de chance to be beated be the security or beat them and loot some money) and some locations to be unlocked in the history

    1. So you would want to beat and rob the girls you hire to make your money ? Wow you are evil , you are not by chance a Russian slave trader are you ?

    2. Do you also want to beat them up ,and force sex on them ,when they refuse to work ,cause they are not in the mood too ?
      If that's the case why pay them at all , just beat the up in the alley drag them home pump them fill of drugs and run a revolving door of men in for a price til they are dead , then toss them in the dumpster and go find another.

    3. no, you will do this in other brothels, you try entice girls from other brothels and if you fail the girls call the security, and you fight with the security,if you win you loot some money from brothel, and if you lose you lost money

    4. but good idea candice, and I'm a russian slave trader, I'm from brazil, don't confuse it :v

  5. From what I get only Candice Nelson is aloud to have an opinion and everyone else is just wrong... Games are made all kinds of ways, just because someone says something you don't like doesn't mean they are an evil person. You seem close minded and young, a little more time and maybe you will grow up a bit..

    1. Sorry the comment just rubbed me the wrong way
      I thought he was wanting to make it into a sex slave trading thing

  6. I asked this once before but I deleted that post cuz it was too long and full of questions that were answering themselves as I played:

    Would you add smoking? I don't mean add drugs or something (though that would be an interesting incentive for deez hos), just basic smoking. I often have free time and I don't wanna keep beating people up in the slums to pass time. Just wanna add a dash of variety.

    I don't care how complicated it gets, I just wanna be able to go out for a smoke break. Maybe it could pass 10 minutes and give +5 Mood, and make it so you can't do it twice in a row. It's a feature that is very rarely added to any game, not even as a Skyrim mod (ffs). I find some girls look sexy when they smoke (yep, I'm that guy), especially in a place full of debauchery.

    Also, I took a girl home from the bar with my fem boss, but when it came time to f***, I turned into a basic default male and nailed her, then turned back into a female. I find this...odd. Guess I'll just chalk that up to "interesting placeholder".

    Would like to have a relationship option beyond see girl f*** girl. My boss doesn't wanna be single forever! :p

    Maybe you can even marry them after you pay off your debt, and use the wedding as a Good Ending? A great Bad Ending could be captivity, and having to "serve" the enemy. Would be an interesting post-game extension.

    Also, I'd like to see some effects from abusing a girl in a cage until they have 10 Dignity and then making them whores. If I invite the girl I abused and made a ho to my room and say "Come here...", we happily screw, as if I hadn't had her raped her like 10 times. Maybe add a little fear or reluctance to dialogue when I tell her to come here. I highly doubt she'd be totally fine with a sex proposition from someone who was basically her worst enemy recently.

    Maybe she could say something like "I'm too sore still from being f***ed in that cage", and you could add the famous "Back-o-the-hand" option, leading to a rape, or just say "Fair enough", and she could go do what she was doing. I seem to be on the same terms with her as I am with my willing participants, and I feel like she should fear and resent me. She's doing what she's doing because she has to, and the only alternative would be back to the cage, which I'd also like as an option. Maybe she tries to take a day off or refuses to f*** a customer, or even tries to escape, and you can just send her back to the cage.

    Would also like for my hos to be able to assault girls in the cage. The guys aren't the only ones who get horny. ;) Afterall, they're the ones with the proper experience, and would make for great "trainers". Could make taking a day off a bit more exciting for them (and me). Maybe be able to assign a dominatrix/mistress to a cage room and can Peek in or even go in and join them.

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  8. Replies
    1. to pay that money and ofcouse, talk the lady offcie

  9. don't add anything new, finish what you have, so there will be less things "under construction"

  10. Could you add makeup for ladies? Lipstick, blush, eyeshadow? And could we get some more eye and hair options? I don't feel like my phony massage parlor is complete without an Asian lady or 2 in it, but no eyes or hair look right. I wanna make Mistress Suki. (if you get the Outlaw Golf 2 reference)

    1. u have that with cheat code in game. Pay 10$ or 20$ for month become patron, i don't remember the monney but it same that. And u will have more choose to change girl

    2. That doesn't add makeup. Just adds a ton of hairs and clothes, and the ability to change boob sizes and general appearance options. And of course, Dignity. (poor Alice...)

  11. Itll be amazing if a girl from naruto is add in the hitomi data fantasy thing

  12. why i cant play the newst version ?

  13. i can't wait to see 1.2 version