Saturday, 22 August 2015

New employee icons

Quick peek on a new feature. 
Portrait icons for employes, just to make it easier to find certain character.
Shipping with the next update.


  1. Would it be possibe to have a Futanari as an option for a main character as well?

    1. That's totally possible. It's a pending question for now.

    2. O'd really love Futanari in the game, specially if they actually use their dongs and the size of it varied from small to huge!

  2. Dear developer of this game, I am really looking forward to this project! I simply LOVE Sim Brothel games and yours is quite promissing already! I'd gladly donate if I had the condition to do so, but unfortunatly I'm unemployed and studying at the moment.

    If there is a way I can help up with ideas for the lore or anything else, I'd be very happy to help!

    You have my support and my admiration already! =D

    1. Thanks, man!
      For now we still have a lot of work to be done with basic game things and programming trivia.
      And if you happen to run into a bug or bad grammar in game feel free to report it here -
      It will be of much help.
      I've added 'report a bug' link to the upper blog line.