Thursday, 5 November 2015

Language update and small bug fixes

We've updated the game to v0.4f and v0.5c versions.

- German translation was updated
- Italian translation was updated

- Purchase bug fixed.
- Reputation gain for female character fixed.
- New dev (cheat) code options added.

EDIT: v0.4g and v0.5d posted.

- Notification of reputation changes for female character fixed
- Some grammar corrections (Antoine, thanks!)
- Fixed some issues for playing the game through browser.
- Fixed female starting dignity, so now you can make special attacks in battle.


  1. Where do we enter them cause i see no cheat code bar anywhere on the game also i get no rep from female character but instead lose it when try some tricks and fail

    1. Check the newest version. We fixed that reputation notifications.

  2. female character sound amazing, i wantn you update next free version fast for try it xd.

    a little question
    1) the female character can have sex too with the employees? or only with the male employees? (the thugs).
    2) what you think about add to the enemy party females than can seduce the male character?

    (sorry my bad english xd)

    1. Thanks!
      1) We are going to add lesbo scenes, for now you can use her as a whore in your brothel.
      2) There will be such a thing. And you'll be able to capture them and use for your fun time.

    2. That's sounds great I'm looking forward about female "enemy's"

  3. Replies
    1. The newest public version is always available from the 'Play Simbro Latest Build' link at the top of the site.
      And we are posting the next version at the end of the month.

  4. Hey, hi! Im already donate to u. I love the game<3 but, in this "New version" is de 0.4g no de 0.5
    I alrwady find the link to 0.5d version, but in that version there is no cheat code. Help :C

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