Friday, 30 September 2016

September releases 1.5 and 1.6

As always at the end of the month previous version 1.5 has become public.
Changelog is here

- Finally fixed Alice photocamera event
- Added pan and zoom functions for photo-shooting. (Working for mobile gestures as well)
- Added export function for album.
- Some lesser bugs fixed

- Fixed James Bar bug
- Fixed Alice photocamera timer (she arrives the next morning when you have 'massage salon' upgrade)
- Fixed Female play shower scenes stuck with generic girls
- Fixed MC starting outfit
- New events accessible through debug 'Events' list.

Patreon version 1.6 released:
- New scene with Alice for female play. You could wait to catch her in the showers, or just drag n drop her there on the stage plan. Be sure you have at least one thug at your disposal at least (wink)
- Meet James. New crew member for female character chosen by voting poll. Catch him in the bar, then you know what to do next. Since hiring him is free, it should boost the earlier game for female play as Julia does for male play.
- Rare trait for males 'Bouncer'. Adds +10 to security when character is in the proper room, makes them more valuable for protecting your brothel. Does James have it - yes.
- New outfits for males you've seen in the last voting poll added to shop stock.
- The day after first brothel upgrade Alice found you a photocamera. Now you can photoshoot sessions with your girls sitting on the bed in different poses, making an album. So your clients will admire them while choosing a girl to spend time with. Each girl still in your crew with photo in album adds +1 to reputation permanently.
- New background for a bedroom. First variation for a cheap one design. As we mentioned earlier we are going to add upgrade system for it's furniture, that adds new poses and room value.
- Now you can see 'Affinity' parameter on the character sheet.
- Some bugs fixed.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Guide to Alice

Each "event" to lower Alice's Dignity lowers it by -5 and most of them you only have one shot to succeed with, so if you missed a shot, you'd have to start all over to do it correctly.
Only Male Character can see them all. The events are: 
1. Ask about her story, continue until she ask if you want a blow-job. 
2. Flirt + Cheesy lines, Panties idea, show them or I will. 
3. Interview with Julia, make Alice stay and ask her if she is wet. (Male only) 
4. When Cops show up, stay calm, ask her to close her eyes (requires Charm 8 if I recall correctly) This must be done BEFORE going downstairs to talk to Cops. And finally 
5. The Alice shower scene. (Male only) Tip about shower scene: The more girls you have the less chance one of them will be Alice, Shower scenes have random chance first thing in the mornings. From 1.4b we can drag Alice into the Shower, it works as long as she is not in your Party, however her Dignity has to be lowered to a certain point before we can Assault and get the BJ, which lowers her Dignity. This scene can only be seen ONCE, from there on all Alice dragging to shower result in nothing but leaving the shower. Might be a good idea to have done all other Alice Dignity stuff very early in game before shower scene and upgrade brothel (after Cops have been there, ask Alice about Business and she tells her idea to make a Massage Salon, ask her what's needed and make it so.) So far only Males can get her Dignity to 45.

Author DragonFire

Monday, 5 September 2016

August releases 1.5 and 1.4

As always at the end of the month previous version 1.4 has become public.
Changelog is here

UPDATE hotfix v1.5a
- Fixed nude males from older saves (and enter the shop problems)
- Changed color of switch buttons (up grey - is off, down magenta - is on)
- Changed shopping experience. Now items you can't wear or already have faded grey.
Haven't updated .dmg link. Should be ready in a few days.

Patreon version 1.5 released:
Truly it's not that big like usual, but update nonetheless.

New male outfits. You can buy them in the shop or see on thugs and clients. All your existing characters on old saves get standard thug set.We out to make the same modular structure for female clothes as well
- Date with Julia. Be sure to get her 'leaving' event before you can ask her out.
- Outfit shop now has a background, and you can get some 'thanks' from girls when you are buying them clothes. New animations with mirror including.
- Added 'radio buttons' instead of 'ON' 'OFF' buttons. (How someone suggested in the comments)
- Fixed bunch of bugs, being noticed earlier.