Sunday, 31 July 2016

July releases 1.4 and 1.3

As always at the end of the month previous version 1.3 has become public.
Changelog is here.

UPDATE 1.4b (hotfix)
Fixed another GH room stuck and some minor things. Now you can just drag n drop your crew members to showers to invoke their shower scenes.
UPDATE: 1.4a
Fixed male clothes and stuck while peeking plus some minor issues.

And we posted new Patreon version 1.4:

  • Fetish system. You'll have to enable it at the game start. Or you can change it during play through option menu. Those options work for each save separately.
  • Condom / Pregnancy fetish. It's more immersive then gamechanging thing. You can choose if you are going to use condom or not. Then you can see changes at the daily reports and visually. Actually altering all existing animations, to get that belly works took a lot of time. Mostly to figure out how to make it right. We haven't touched STD theme yet.
  • Notoriety system. Now all your nasty actions can give you notoriety, that brings cops to pay you a visit. You can see the current level in the 'Account' report.
  • Now you can offer your slaves to clients. You won't get any reputation for this, but twice as much of notoriety.
  • New location Hospital, where you can change boobs size or get rid of pregnancy (if you enabled such fetish).
  • Also you can hire there a nurse. You'll figure out how to do it. They are generated from different pool then slums girls. So - less bad traits. (For now only for male play. We need to draw more lesbo scenes.)
  • Threesomes in showers for female play. Just bring two males in your party with you.
  • New music themes for Dating, Hitomi, Holding cells and Reception (Enormous thanks to Mr.L)
  • Changed day messages panel. Someone told us that many modal windows with messages is bad. So we made only one with all reports you can scroll.
  • Added bunch of animation for bedroom. Girl on top, from behind, plus reused those from Orra event.
  • Added skip option for female play when you bring a customer to your cabinet.


  1. D: so you cant still date alice? why are you making us wait so long for just dating alice? D:

    1. you can date her and theres 2 events on dating, 1 after you have scene in shower and after that date her again and you would give her a blowjob but you still cant fuck her except on the dream event lol

    2. How do u get the dream event?

    3. How do u get the dream event?

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    5. You can fuck her, you just have to drop her dignity low enough for her to use the glory holes, which you can do with debug mode. Then when she's in the glory hole room servicing someone you just have to join and voila, you've now just had sex with Alice.

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  2. Make this waiting so worth when we get to do her. I like the wait keep's me excited.

  3. I agree with FoxFire Captain. The whole alice thing has been probably my favorite part of the game, working your way slowly to finally getting her to put out (or rape her apparently lol)

  4. Bug report (posting here too) when u are setting up FC (didnt ck MC) u click to change body style it removes her cloths second click etc changes her body style

  5. update to above: MC is not effected

  6. how do i get it i cant get it the 1.4

    1. You pay you retard. Same BS every month.

    2. how do i pay im actually new to this

    3. Where it says "Donate via Patreon"

    4. i want be charge but once right

    5. i still dont see how to buy it


    7. At the top, under 'The SimBro Team', second tab says 'Donate via Patreon'. Then you go through the process of setting up your Patreon account and payment plan.

      You will be charged the amount you chose to donate each month. You can cancel it anytime, but will no longer receive the reward(s) each month if you do. You can choose to donate $1, $10, $30 or $100, each with their own reward(s).

  7. i agree on waiting for Alice sex scene, but some foreplay scene would be nice (like surprising her masturbating and give her a helping hand, dry humping, butt job or even a some anal scene will be perfect)

  8. I am a patreon supportor when do i recieve my game update and where do i recieve it at

    1. Go on the Patreon page and a link will be in their latest post

  9. im still at the stage of trying get the game

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  11. How do you make notoriety go down?

    1. I think you can't, the only thing we can do is avoid getting notoriety.

  12. It does not appear threesomes in showers for female.

  13. Certain events cause male clothes to shift to banker clothes.

  14. I'm waiting for more anal sex in the game

    1. Hi my friend, I have been playing that game but I can't get the scene of the Dream (Julia and Alice) I can't get the scenes with Alice (BJ and GH) could you help me with that?

  15. Guys, Help. How can I get threesome in the shower?

    1. You must play as a girl and have 2 males in your party. Then just go to the shower and you'll have an option in the dialogs.

    2. Thanks. But it doesn't work with russian language.

  16. Any plans to increase number of maximum clients per day?
    No matter how much reputation I get, it seems to cap at 25

  17. It would be a nice idea to make an event in the staff room during the day of rest, with their team characters. however it has been complimented really doing a great job.

  18. Put some emotions on a girls faces! I mean, yeah they open their mouths once in awhile, but it happens pretty rare, most of the times they doing their job with a face like, don't know, like "yeah... bring it on sailor... uhum... who's the stallion... Oh! Your time's up... Off course I've cum..." well you've get the point.

  19. A few more ideas I've had.

    When you start a female game you can't set traits to the character. I that feature remains as is, fine, but ability to unlock them under certain circumstances should be allowed. Here's my unlock requirement ideas:
    Nympho: Perform 500 sexual acts.
    Tsundere: Perform 15 aggressive responses in dialogue.
    Naive: Perform 3 oblivious responses to dialogue or actions.
    Empathy: Perform 25 kind responses in dialogue.
    Kleptoman: Successfully steal from clients 50 times.
    Lazy: Do nothing for 30 consecutive days. (Auto progress not counted) (Note to not remove the player from the party under the laziness influence)

    Speaking of Traits, they're not very well explained by the game itself, bringing up information similarly to how the stats do would be a useful feature to have.

    In the bar as a female, you can't see the guy that's hitting on you, even though he's supposed to be directly speaking to you. It seems odd to me.

    When declining hookup offers at the bar, maybe sometimes the guy could get pissed off with it and attack you, either sexually or starting a bar fight. This could have a bar background for combat as well.

    Additionally, he could work for a rival brothel and want to take you back to his/his boss's brothel to put you to work there; if he doesn't know who you are.

    Under that notion of a bar fight, the barmaid (whose name keeps escaping me) could fight alongside you if you have a free space in your party to accommodate her. She could have a unique ability that restores other characters' stamina in combat that can't be used on the same character consecutively.

    Alcohol doesn't really affect the player, perhaps it could actually have affect options whilst under the influence of it. For example after 5 consecutive rounds of shots, you could get options to:
    Use the Bathroom: (Rape opportunity here. Male characters could rape a female NPC or Female characters may be raped by a drunk man. In the event nobody's there, the player could masturbate or throw up.)
    Play Air Guitar: (The player climbs onto the counter and starts playing an Air Guitar. Flexibility and Wits determine if you are successful in not starting a bar fight by accidentally antagonizing thugs that are drinking.)
    Show your Goods: (The male character takes off his shirt and flexes his muscles. The higher the Muscle and Charm ratings, the more likely he'll be accompanied back to the brothel with two ladies for a threesome. The female character shows her boobs. The same situation inverted for her, Muscle being replaced with Beauty.

    1. Dildos seem very restricted. They're only usable in brothel events. Instead, the Dildo and Strap-on option could be used for hiring Eva and Lust attacks in combat for more variety.

      When organizing rooms, it'd be more convenient if you there were tabs that organized the type of room you're trying to build. Utility rooms could feature Kitchens, Gyms, Rec Rooms and anything not required nor specifically helpful to Brothel Management. Facility rooms would be the literal opposite and feature Bedrooms, Gloryhole Rooms, Staff Room, Maid's Room etc.

      Speaking of menu management, on menus like the Reception and Room Select, it'd be convenient if Cabinet, Reception, Showers, Staff and Sleep were assigned to 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively. Page swapping being organized by the arrow keys and Enter to close information windows.

      Room ideas would include:

      Kitchen: Prepare food/drinks that recover a small amount of stamina and give a minor stat buff for the day. A chef must be placed there and depending on the type of character, different features are likely to happen. Thugs and Maids make food as it should be, Whores may use Whipped Cream or Chocolate sauce in the next sexual acts they perform. (It's an idea, try it however you think it might work if you're gonna use it)

      Bathroom: One per floor, each has an available slot for an attendant. Same features listed for the Bar's Bathroom possible with the addition of the attendant able to have a porno mag as reading material and may try to rape you if you try to enter when they're masturbating. (Flexibility gives better chance of passing them). Functionally, they'd work kinda like weaker Maid's Rooms that can have guys working there as well.

      Gym: Ability to tone body and increase stat caps.

      Rec Room: A room to place low mood characters in to assist with their mood recovery. They auto here if it's free when their mood drops.

      Shop ideas now:

      Special Shop: Sells only the unique character outfits like Oyko's and Orra's. The catch is that the price 10 times higher than other clothing when buying it.

      Hair Salon: Ability to have unique hair styles not available when creating a character for the first time (unless purchased here in a different save file first) and the ability to change hair colour (which should be an option when creating a character at the start of course).

      I think that's everything...

      In any case, keep up the great work, SimBro team! It's turning out really well despite any minor glitches that show up. Keep pushing through with all the awesome work!

    2. Excellent ideas. Can't wait to hopefully see them.

    3. Yeah i would love to see some of this in Simbros THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN PLEASE

    4. These are pretty good ideas!

  20. A bug I've noticed.

    When playing as a female and inviting a whore back to have sex, the 'Wait' option greys out the 'Come Here' option that follows, even though there's no reason to.

  21. If you get pregnant, and do nothing about it, do you have a kid? :p

    Does anything happen if you just ignore it? And do you still get internal cumshots if raped by thugs in the slums? If so, does that get you pregnant?

    Is there any situation where you actually get arrested and go to jail? I can think of some rather fun scenes for a female:

    A Women in Prison scene waiting to happen. Of course girls would need lez rape animations. I'm sure the guards would have some fun scenes too, with a chance to get you pregnant. Maybe a female could find a cellmate who would be interested in working for you when she gets out. She could show up like 3 days after your release or something, to simulate her finishing her sentence. Could be a dialogue scene where she tells you what she did to get in there, with a random response, and that could determine what Trait she has. Tsundere for fighting, Klepto for robbery, Nympho for hooking (since it's already determined prostitution is illegal in this game, otherwise why would cops be after you), Lazy for not paying taxes or something (Lazy is a tricky one), and so on.

    Don't know what to suggest for male playthrough. Guess I'll leave that up to someone else to think of suggestions. I just like Women in Prison sexploitation stuff. ^,^

    1. Maybe the males could charm the female guards to get out? Or go to bail out one of the girls for the escort missions and seduce female prison guards.

      Just off the top of my head.

  22. Just to bring it to your attention: Alice can be seduced in combat by an opponent. I figure this was not intended.

    1. That's actually to do with her Wits stat being low and the enemy's Charm being high. Getting to the point where the enemy stats are higher than the caps is ridiculous though. Factoring in that it'd make a little more sense if males were easier to seduce than females. Then again... maybe me highlighting that will bring it to attention...

    2. She can also work for you as a whore. Kinda confuses the whole virgin thing...

    3. But isn't that just restricted to the Debug Options allowing it?

    4. I have to assume there's a more legit way to get her Dignity low enough. Otherwise, why would there be a few opportunities to get her Dignity to drop at all? And why is the option to have her bang customers when her Dignity is low even there? There must be a way to get that Dignity to 40 without Dubug...or those other 2 things wouldn't exist. If not, lowering her Dignity shouldn't even be a factor in this game. Unless of course there's more Dignity-lowering conversations and moments still Under Construction...

      At any rate, she gets more customers than anyone else in my game. No less than 3 a day. Just wish I could bang her when I summon her, considering customers can. Startin' to feel left out. :(

      And why is her Dignity "too high" to wear Mistress clothes, Nipple Twist and certain other clothes, but not "too high" to wear the Slutty Schoolgirl outfit? (ffs) "Slutty" Schoolgirl! But she'll fuck strangers for money? And if Dignity prevents her from wearing skanky clothes at 35, why can I wear whatever I please at Dig 40?

      (confusion sets in)

    5. More are still under construction which is why her dignity stops at 45 (unless there's a conversation I don't know about or something but I'm fairly sure there is. Regarding the reason you can't fuck her when you summon her is because like Julia, it'd be its own unique type that's not like summoning generic whore 463, though the Fem Boss should really have access to Julia's animations by choice from default, since they're only available if you summon Julia as a male.

      Alice having her Dignity at 40 to put her in the Gloryhole Room or Bedroom only loads that availability because the game recognizes the dignity as the condition. Chances are that if the devs don't want the player to fuck her until she's at 25 Dignity for example, they'll recode them to stop her getting in. Otherwise, I'd expect they'd make the Dignity at 40 event the one where you fuck her or else one that triggers after it before you can put her in either of those rooms.

      Regarding the clothes, situation, the base Dignity for most female characters is 30 and I'm pretty sure Fem Boss falls into this category. It's easy to get confused though since Males start at 45.

    6. Wow, you're right. My Dig is 30. Could've sworn I saw her at 40 last I checked...she's the same as the others.

    7. The player's dignity can be different if you select to play as Oyko or Orra when creating the character. It's one of the statistics that changes because it's supposed to reflect their stats when you hire them normally.

    8. as...Oyko or Orra? ? ?

      I know them only as Debug Event characters that I never checked out. I can become them?? (8^l

    9. Yeah, you've gotta run through the Male playthrough a little though.

      Very simply, invest solely in stamina until you unlock the Basement level,

      Complete the verification and go and sleep for stamina recovery.

      Come back to Hitomi and follow the quest path (use co-ordinates from memory). You will need a cage to get Oyko.

      When finding Oyko don't untie her after you've captured her. Orra doesn't have a situation like that so she's no hassle.

      Once you've brought them back to brothel, you should be able to start a new save and use the character select option to switch to them. The game will give you a screen like with the Dildo when you unlock them so it's pretty obvious when you unlock them.

      Since there'll be more characters in the future, I'd suggest keeping the Male save just to unlock them when they're released.

      Also, if you're curious about their event markers in the debug section when playing as a Female, it takes you to the Dildo upgrade section. Using the event skips blocks game saving so you can't use that to jump straight ahead to unlock them, although you could pour levels into your male character to make it easier.

  23. You can count on the addition of interior room and maids room staff (decor and some scenes)?

  24. I give up, I can't find Alice in the glory hole. In fact in the prior versions Alice used to suck my dick in the new ones she show me her tits once.
    I can't get the dream of Alice and Julia I hate the new versions, what I have to do to get the dream event and alice in the glory hole?

    1. Is she working in a room (Maid's room/Reception)?

      She has to be completely free.

    2. She is completely free. The most hot scene I get with Alice is when she show me her tits and the scene in the shower. After that I can't get anything else

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. I have some suggestions for future update !!

    Female Playthrough-

    {Forced sex}

    1st----it can happen in a lot of ways
    female character can be fucked in slum orges,threesomes...
    options for that to happen -overdrunk or some random NPC event

    2nd----when our female characters is sleeping some random worker thug comes nd fuck u
    options for that to happen
    -the thug can take advantage of urs while ur drunk and sleeping
    -thug needs raise
    -thug gets fired (he rapes u)
    -some thug likes or loves u

    Now for male playthrough...
    there's no way for forced sex so some tricks or charm to fuck new npc girls and the barmaid

    -Personel Bed for both male and female characters .eg when u fuck the nurse in the new update u get new poses nd old poses for bed... (this one can easily come just give one of the bedroom options before sex cause there r lot of bed rooms
    -pleasurable poses for females -
    like before starting sex the male character can have option to suck,lick,finger pussy
    and suck and play with tits

    these poses can also be used for female playthrough the random npc can go o its on choice or the female character can have the option!

  27. 1. How about upgrading the bedroom making the girls taking care of 2 customers at once (or new kind of suctomers that appear as 2 guys)
    2. Adding new room that would work like a special event for orgy, like putting our 3 chosen girls to show at that 1 day every week.
    3. Finally adding some scene with cops it was mentioned earlier but i wanted to remind it.
    4. Separate the option with condoms from pegnany fetish.
    5. Adding a threesome in showers for male too (also it needs some change because its not much visible with female scene)
    6. Maybe some special option for slaves to be gangbanged by customers.
    7. Some special group rape scene after winning or losing a fight (if we play male and have girls in our party to be raped after a loss (ofc without alice) and if enemy lose we can rape them too before capturing).
    8. A scene in slums where a girl in need is raped and we have an option to help her or join the guys.
    9. Doing finally some scenes/event for a staff room , Maid room
    10. A different brothel where we can go with our character male/female and steal girls or customers (gaining reupation)with our character or our girls from there or simply enjoy ourselfs.

  28. Question: At what point does THIS happen?? -->

    I've certainly never seen it...

    1. It doesn't yet. It's just some concept art they advertise for potential update goals. It's something they haven't gotten to yet, but I'm sure they will soon.

    2. Would be nice! :D Probably the sexiest thing I've ever seen in this game. (that is subjective, of course)

      I'm a huge sucker for a simple lesbo kiss. Moreso than even lesbo sex. (unless anal is involved)...(then it's fap time)

      Guess I just let EVERY cat outta the bag! ^,^

  29. so how do i know if the girls are pregnant? can't figure that out so far

    1. ...have you looked at her stomach?? XD

      There's been no mention of the others getting pregnant. I think it's only for your FemBoss, for now.

      Condom / Pregnancy fetish. It's more immersive then gamechanging thing. You can choose if you are going to use condom or not. Then you can see changes at the daily reports and visually.

      "You" can choose if "you" are going to use a condom or not.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. MC can fuck girls without condoms and get them pregnant. But it's a little glitchy, cause it gives you the option, but then if you try to switch positions after deciding to wear one, it puts you through the option of wanting to wear one or go bare back. If you're not careful, you get the girl pregnant if you're not paying attention.

  30. Absolutely LOVEEEEE this game. This game is so much fun, but can you fix the issue where the girls clothes keep switching to something else they have already got. Its REALLY annoying to go back and change it to the one i want them to wear. Also, some stuff to add....
    - More Sex Scenes
    - More Areas to Explore (Gyms for STRENGTH,
    - More Girls (like clothes, hair, etc.) (same with guys)
    - Orgy Scenes? (Multiple Sex with Multiple Girls or include your Thugs in on the Action)
    - New Scenes with the Cops (like having Sex with the Female Cop)
    - Ability to be able to go into ANY room anytime, and having sex in those rooms with any girl you want
    - Ability to own multiple brothels for more space and girl(maybe add like a thing onto your planning where you can just go to that brothel once you acquire it, like a how you put SLEEP, STAFF, and RECEPTION for easier maneuver around)
    - MORE, AND MORE SEX SCENES (cannot stress about that)
    - During sex scenes, maybe make the girls or guys show more emotion rather than sticking to like one face (have the girl lolling her tongue out and smiling while being fucked or something, and the guy like squeezing his face to not scream, same with the girl)
    - Female Customers (Lesbo Scenes or Threesomes if you join in, or you can even work to fuck them like how you can start as girl and fuck the guys for easy money in early stages)
    - Have more Story Characters
    - Way to increase and decrease dignity depending on what you make your girls do
    - Hardcore Sex (like Rape for other girls, not just Slaves)
    - Multiple Customers asking for fun at the same time (again, like an orgy or threesome)
    - Ability to go to your Personal Bed (only seen once when Julia is quitting)
    - Possibly more Traits??
    - Rival Brothels (ability to steal girls, and fame of that brothel, or steal it as a whole)
    - More girls in the Bank and other places
    - Newer pools to find girls
    - More Floors
    - Infinite Source for Hitomi (that would be cool)
    - Out-of-This-World female characters (seductive, beautiful looking aliens)
    - Shows (Pole Dancing, Animal Shows...)
    - Jealousy System (Your girls get jealous if not having sex with you in like past few days or so)

    More things but I don't want to put them on here. Again, I LOVEE this game and can't wait for future updates. Unfortunately, I don't have money for my patreon page so I can't play VER 1.4 so I'm only able to play 1.3. Very curious as to see how gameplay is like since all I can do is look at some pictures and read the 1.4 changelog. Can't wait to play it. Keep up the great work guys!!!!

    1. The thing where the girls change their clothes is the clients asking for it. Though I agree they should change back afterwards or otherwise have a set used for cosmetic purposes.

    2. oh and also make the girls change their appearance when you use debug mode when you look at the planning thing, it's kinda confusing knowing who is who when you change them

    3. i love this game but would really love if they had facesitting scenes for female players would be great for threesomes and could work well in lust scenes maybe bondage slave and facesit her with ur femboss or take in turns with female party members please put this in would be awsome :)

  31. Love the game, and most of what I would like has already been posted. There are a few things I'd like to add to the pregnancy fetish.

    - no condom on blowjobs, or at least for main characters
    - rapes scenes with no condoms and random on drunk scenes (at least for female)
    - make pregnancies a lower % instead of what I assume 100% ( basically more random events that can get girls raped/pregnant, but like 10-20% chance for it actually occur
    -additional clothing for pregnant girls
    -clients that want pregnant girls
    -impregnate slaves
    -chance to get dates drunk enough to have no condom sex, but if impregnated, have a consequence like paying for abortion or taking her in or something
    -ask whores at reception menu if they want to have their client go bareback for more money

    Thanks again for this awesome game and keep up the good work

  32. When will we see fetishes like futa/shemale?

  33. Improving rooms to make them bdsm dungeon or allow orgy/threesomes. This could seduce the female police. More hitomi's portals/characters like Rei Ayanami, Motoko Kusanagi or Emma Frost

  34. Improving rooms to make them bdsm dungeon or allow orgy/threesomes. This could seduce the female police. More hitomi's portals/characters like Rei Ayanami, Motoko Kusanagi or Emma Frost

  35. I enjoyed playing SimBro. Thanks for making it! I have several suggestions that could help to enhance the game:

    1) It is frustrating to click on 'staff' from your room and get a different menu than when you click on it from your Stage Plan. I especially miss being able to search through quickly to see girls who have leveled up.

    2) On a similar note, I would like the ability to level up characters right away when it happens. Otherwise I sometimes miss it for days at a time.

    3) Bug: After you seduce Eva at the bank, it is impossible to continue paying back your loan.

    4) Exploit: if you have 0 stamina left, you can still gain experience by sleeping with an employee who is demanding a raise.

    5) It would be nice if I could make sure the girls stayed in the clothes I assigned them.

    6) I would really like to see girl personality come up more often. Specifically, I think there should be three differences that ought to be possible to code:

    a) Nicknames! Many of the nicknames seem really out of place (and some of them seem really awful, like "Hole"). I'd like there to be themed nicknames, like so:
    Tsundere: Princess, Ice Queen, Royal Bitch, Brat, Vixen, Cool Beauty
    Empathy: GFE, Fallen Angel
    Naive: Kitten, Virgin, Sweetheart, Little Sis, Schoolgirl
    Nympho: Man-Eater, Slut, Insatiable
    Lazy: Starfish
    Klepto: Thief

    b) It would be nice to have different facial expressions during sex for each type, at least some of the time. A nympho could have a big grin, a naive girl could be blushing and closing her eyes, a tsundere could be frowning and glaring. It would be especially satisfying with key scenes like cumming on a girl's face.

    c) It would be nice to have personality affect more things in-game; a naive girl might not be able to resist when the player makes demands. A tsundere girl might resist and need to be persuaded. A nympho might hit on the character at the bar without you needing to go through successful checks - or perhaps your checks would need to be different stats depending on the girl's personality.

  36. 7) There should be a minimum of 1 exp gained per sex act. After gaining enough levels, it becomes worthless to have sex with a girl you have saved on the streets, or to go to the bar (other than to gain a new employee for less money), while having a high-level girl have sex with you is worthless to her.

    8) I like the ability to drag a girl to my room to interact with her. Would it be possible to have this option in the basement/first floor, too?

    9) It feels like Oyko and Orra are unfinished. I'd like to have more events/interaction with them. I loved all the special dialogue and interaction of the portal, then was disappointed when I succeeded, because it meant all that was locked to me now.

    10) How about adding special customers? There could be a few types who demand your attention: high-rollers who have lots of money and demand special service, undercover cops who will try to bust you, perverts who might attack the girls, family members who might be shocked to see their sister/daughter working there, etc.

    11) None of the girls ever try to run away, or fall in love with a customer and try to quit, or have drug problems, or have family members track them down, etc. A missed opportunity?

    12) Interacting with thugs on the street seems forced - you only fight them if you want to (and if you do, you have no idea how many thugs they have!). I feel like you should get approached by them if they are there when you show up, starting a fight/demanding money from you. Then you could talk your way out of it, offer a girl, or fight them.

    13) With the police, there really ought to be an option to bribe them to leave you alone. And they ought to be able to arrest your girls.

    14) Your security guards need a way to level up faster while working security. As it is, your working girls very quickly level up to the point where all their stats can be much higher than a security guard, AND they can do the same job. Maybe the game could keep track of customers who were going to run but didn't, then award them points? Or maybe they could get 1xp per day regardless?

    15) I would love to see outfits for men.

  37. Found a glitch in 1.4 and haven't seen anyone mention it. After Day 150 (tested it on a second file as well), in the loan collection sex scene, when you choose "Please Stop" and thug holds her face to face, hitting the cum option makes both disappear and doesn't end the round. It seems to be the only position affected by this. Also, there is an occasional glitch in the sitting in the chair position that neither character moves. Figured you may want to know about this.

    And a quick question. If you play with a female character, is there any way to unlock the nurse costume? The option is there for characters, but no way to fulfill for the bonus.

  38. the new version when it comes out

  39. We need to be able to use the bedrooms tired of the limited chair sex you added more sex scenes for the customers but the main character can't enter the bedrooms

  40. We need to be able to use the bedrooms tired of the limited chair sex you added more sex scenes for the customers but the main character can't enter the bedrooms

  41. Day:225!still hasn't found alice in glory hole room!(shes free, the rokm is free! I found her in shower and dated her i did evrything and i am checking every day since day 65 and still havent found her in clory hole room)!! Please help!