Thursday, 11 August 2016

August Translation Update

1.4c Patreon version updated.

- Translation files updated. (Thanks to all translators!)
- Fixed drag and drop in showers for Female Play. (we disabled the stuck for now, but we are out to make more lesbo showers scenes to cover it)
- Fixed some lesser bugs


  1. Could you make a date-able option for the female protaganist?

  2. maybe I could help with the translation into Russian

    also, I have a few ideas:
    1) If the offer Eve to Adam as a girl (bank manager), the first begins BDSM scene between him and Eve. After that, Adam starts to come every day to Eve from 19 to 23 hours, to repeat the scene, but in the territory of the public house.
    2) Notebook ways to teleportation
        Notebook pages can be found in different places. for example, trading with sad girls in slums (before you carry them). or after extra scenes between Adam and Eve.
    3) Quest chain using teleportation. after several BDSM scenes between Adam and Eve, Eve asks to buy toys and gives the address. There is a new point on the map. In the store, you can click on an item by purchasing them or moving. If you move an item about oil is very tight, it is possible to drop the bottle with oil. The saleswoman falls. Then you can fuck her. if you decide to end it in the ass, you can see her tail. and capture. After that there is the opportunity to buy the store and deliver to their employees. and, after being tortured person with the tail open information about a strange doctor doing unusual body changes. given his last position. After teleportation at the given coordinates you will notice a strange girl with a camera. But it's not a girl, and transgender Alkhna. if you help her to fuck 3 girls
    She agreed to work for you, if you let every evening for an hour to operate one of your girls brothel. if its cause and to speak, you can find out the coordinates of the operation. since teleportation you will find a lot of strange creatures. if you do not fuck them, and go straight, at the end you can find a girl with three tits and four arms. this is the Doctor. after a short dialogue she will offer you sex, and if you can satisfy her, she would agree to go into your world, to work in the hospital. the next day in the hospital will function for adding a second penis. it will increase the power consumption twice and three times the experience of growth.
    4) ability to set uniform for the different rooms: reception hall, guard room, bedroom, Glory Hole, a maid, a gang-free women. in this case it will be necessary to pay only the amount necessary to purchase things on all the girls
    5) at a meeting with Alice in the Glory Hole
    there is a possibility that a transgender person with a camera will photograph it.
     Alice despair, and one night the hero comes and asks to deprive her anal virginity. if character 2 dick, then she will lose and vaginal virginity and her self-esteem drops to 40
    sorry for my bad english

  3. How do you report someone on blogspot?

  4. hello and fist congratulations for this awesome game.
    One question about the basement issue.
    I have unlock a new slave girl , but when a go back hitomi talk about having spare livings quarters...
    What does that means ? any tips ? thks a lot

    1. You can hire the slaves if you break their willpower. If you do that, you take them straight into the staff so they immediately become available for work.

    2. u need to build another cage

  5. When will we have a romance alice scene for fem characters?

  6. Yo, how do you change the girls names?

  7. this game needs striptise bar (located in 4 rooms (don't forgot about ideas from Unknown16 August 2016 at 10:34)

  8. I support the idea of a strip bar and maybe there can be an event in which come guys try to have sex with the female character

  9. Some glitches:
    - If you join someone in the shower, you're wearing a red and white shirt, grey trousers and grey shoes.
    Solution - simply make the guy completely naked.
    - After undressing for the nurse at the hospital, you're still wearing red and white shirt sleeves, grey trousers and grey shoes.
    Solution - simply make the guy completely naked.
    - On the odd occasion when you visit an occupied glory hole, there is no-one inside and no option to leave, so you have to x out of the program, losing that day's progress.
    - Solution - preferrably always make sure an occupied glory hole has someone in it. Alternatively, make sure the Leave option is always visible.

  10. Good afternoon! I noticed that in a later version of the game is not translated text. I would like to offer you the services of an interpreter for Russian language.

  11. from what ive played so far, i can say its interesting. i cant get alice below 50 no matter what i do though. also i think u should add differerent body styles to the girls not just spam one look, though its just an idea

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  13. Replies
    1. Trying to be optimistic, I'd wager one or two of the team are too sick to move. Of course, that's only a guess but...

  14. GUYS! I found this on the Patreon page so worry not but it's only delayed!

    "Hi guys, sorry for a terrible delay with news. Our lead coder got some events that pushed him away for a while, but now everything is ok. And we can pull everything together. Due to that we are going to post v1.5 update a bit later at 5 of September, instead of 31 of August. Sorry for inconvenience!
    Also we are going to familiarize you with all upcoming features in the next days, along with countdown timer posting.
    First of it is Man Clothes. Now you are able to buy clothes same as female outfits. Due to more universality of man wear, we separated top, pants, belt and boots to individual items, that can be mixed. Think we can use this practice for some of female clothes as well in the future."