Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Quality, do you speak it?

We are running through the game, fixing stuff we should have fixed long ago. Repaired all that anticlimactic gaps between girls ass and back that was an issue in some animations. We are adding zoom and animations should look better. Cared to add new cum animations as well, since game provides feature to add unique in/out finishers for scenes. 
Same thing about missing 'belly'. We made a revision to be sure all existing animations have it. 
Plus we got a muse to work on long planned events for your staff, that were sitting in our heads for a long time, and started to be covered with dust.
The reason was the fact we actually got the chance to play the game normally, because when you are coding and testing using dev. codes you have a different experience with the game. So we run in a bunch of things we want to improve.